Republic of Somaliland
Ministry of Planning and National Development


Develop the capacity of planning units and mobilize resources



1. Develops and supports regional, district and ministerial planning and statistical 

2. Establishes a program to mobilize and engage the Diaspora’s know-how and financial resources

3. Supports the Diaspora agency

4. identifies viable investment opportunities

5. Carries out feasibility studies

6. Mobilizes domestic and external financial resources

7. Creates one-stop investment information centre

8. Supports the formation of capital markets and large corporate organizations to pool resources

9. Facilitates the creation of fiscal and legal environment conducive to the development of the private sector



1. Functioning offices at regional, district and ministerial levels
2. Diaspora members registered or engaged
3. Feasibility studies carried out
4. Funds rose for public and private programs 
5. Corporations and financial institutions set up 
5. Policies formulated and adopted